Here is the Handyman Heroes Hall of Shame, former customers who have solicited our services & then refused to pay for them:

Doris Scarale
Fitchburg MA

Pierre Deshommes
Lancaster MA (formerly)

Linda Donahoo
Fitchburg MA

Monica McCarthy
Pepperell MA (formerly)

Louise Garcia
Ashland & Mashpee MA

Zongen Qiao
Westminster MA (formerly)

Handyman Heroes, Inc

This next couple didn’t think that they should pay their bill, were willing to state their cases to a small claims magistrate, and were then compelled to pay:

Robert & Kim Haluska (appealed the magistrate’s decision & then had a civil court judge compel them to pay)
Townsend MA

Our customer satisfaction rate normally hovers between 98% & 99%. So it’s pretty unusual for us to get into a situation where we’re compelled to take aggressive collections actions. But our high volume of small projects turns that 1-2% into as many as a few situations per year. We guarantee our services; materials & workmanship, and by policy will re-do projects that have had complications (a relative rarity) until the customer is satisfied. But there are always those few accounts where there is no question about the quality of the outcome, just about the willingness of the one-of-a-kind customer who refuses to honor their commitment. Our collections rate in small claims actions so far is 100%.

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